Infrastructure Management

Networking Solutions

As your business grows rapidly, having a robust, flexible, and scalable network infrastructure is imperative. Technological developments and multiple choices have made IT-related decisions simply ‘complex’. Today, building a reliable, scalable and cost-effective converged network infrastructure involves the integration of multi-vendor solutions, products and technologies.

Our approach to build a network involves Network Setup (Structured Cabling), installation and management, Computer Networking Services (Routers, Firewalls and switches), Networking Monitoring and assessment of the current infrastructure, understanding the customer’s unique requirements, designing an optimal solution and finally deploying as designed. The focus is on ‘solutions integration’ rather than ‘systems integration’.

Email Solutions

For many companies today, email is the single most important communications tool their employees use. In fact, the typical employee spends 28% of his or her day doing something involving email — more time than they will spend on the telephone, real-time communications and social media combined. It’s no surprise, therefore, that most businesses now consider email a mission-critical application. When an email system goes down, the costs quickly add up. That doesn’t include the possibility that a company could lose a major sale or suffer long-term damage to its customer relationships as a result of an extended email outage. All of this explains why IT organizations have no room for error when it comes to provisioning, managing and maintaining email systems.

Establishing and maintaining in-house email services are expensive and time-consuming tasks for any IT organization, and they are especially challenging for small businesses with limited resources.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative: Hosted email solutions. Hosted email providers offer top-flight technology and unbeatable expertise; they maintain secure, reliable and scalable systems that can grow with your business. Email service providers eliminate the need to manage your own hardware or software, and they handle tasks like system upgrades and data backups.

The challenge is finding a hosted email solution that fits your business needs. Service providers offer a bewildering variety of email platforms and options; different providers offer different combinations of price, performance, support and service levels. Picking the right email provider can be a daunting task, and your company can’t afford to make the wrong choice.

Our expertise will explain the difference between free and professional hosting solutions, and describe some popular email hosting options. We’ll also show you how to pick a hosting provider and give you some important tips for migration process.

Whether you’re thinking about moving away from an in-house email platform or looking to upgrade from your current email provider, we will provide everything you need to get started and to maximize the return on investment from your new hosted solution.

Cloud and Virtualization

Virtualization is part of an overall trend in IT that includes autonomic computing. Traditionally, computer hardware has been designed to run a single operating system and a single application. Virtualization enables multiple virtual machines to run on one physical machine, with each virtual machine sharing the resources of the single computer.

Why implement virtualization? Virtualization helps you save money, energy, and space. Virtualization allows for more efficient utilization of network server capacity, simpler storage administration, reduced energy costs, and better use of corporate culture.

Benefits : With software vendors tending more and more towards delivering their products preinstalled in virtual machines (also known as virtual appliances), much of the traditional installation and configuration work associated with software will disappear.

Implementing virtualization services reduces the number of servers you have to run, which is a direct saving on hardware costs and also on the total amount of energy needed to run hardware and provide cooling. It’s good for the environment. Your system administrators would not have to support so many machines and could then move from firefighting mode to more strategic administration tasks.

Security & Compliance

Today’s organizations are concerned with protecting critical corporate information, guarding against data leakage, proactively monitoring, and mitigating threats, all while attempting to ensure compliance. Security breaches are imminent and many security breaches are financially crippling, causing business to lose millions of dollars as well as damaging their brand’s reputation.

Security services spans the entire technology life cycle and include consulting, integration and support services that are designed to help customers reduce vulnerabilities, mitigate risk and maintain a highly secure corporate infrastructure.

Our network professional SMEs who are well versed with industry standards and understand unique business needs and who assist clients with supporting their infrastructure needs to ensure reliability, availability and productivity. We provide valuable services ranging from assessments to deployments, upgrades to migrations. All services are designed to ensure clients meet their operational and project goals on a scheduled basis while meeting compliance based objects through following industry best practices.

We ensure our clients with security and compliance services which help organizations to:

  • Meet increased regulatory compliance demands pertaining to security such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA
  • Align with industry best practices and maintain competitive advantages including ISO 27001 and ITIL
  • Meet the need for strategies to implement effective and efficient security controls within the context of industry standard IT, governance, risk and compliance frameworks.
  • Address external and internal security concerns including security incidents, audit findings.
  • Improve security posture and awareness through knowledge and information to eliminate guesswork, fear, uncertainty and doubt
Database Management

Database Infrastructure Services comprises of proactive monitoring, build, database administration, backup and recovery, performance optimization, high availability/ disaster recovery solution and security. We adopt a fact-based, systematic, and automated approach leading to stable, efficient and agile database systems and processes.

Solutions We Offer

  • User/Schema Management
  • Configuration/Space Management
  • DB Refresh/Cloning
  • Migration/Upgrade
    Build Services:
  • Database Software Installation
  • Database Creation
    Performance Optimization:
  • Instance/Database Tuning
  • Query Optimization
    High Availability/DR:
  • Configure Cluster and Replication
  • Configure Standby/Mirroring
    Backup & Recovery:
  • Define Backup & Recovery Strategy
  • Backup Configuration & Implementation
  • Backup Validation
    Monitoring :
  • Availability & Performance Monitoring
  • Backup/Space Monitoring